Wedding Photography – Joy Immortalised

Wedding Photography – Joy Immortalised

Wedding photographerswedding photographer

There’s not a more disappointing moment in a young couple’s lives than looking at your wedding photos and not liking what you see. Several companies stick to cliched photo traditions, employing sepia tones and blurred edges to photos, keeping up photo trends from the 1980s. You have hair in your eyes and nobody told you to pin it back for the close ups. Your husband’s high school friend is making a stupid face in the group shot. Nobody wants to relive the happiest day of their life with images that don’t reflect how they felt. Therefore, as wedding photography means so much to you, your friends, family and future, it is important to trust the right photographer with your special days wedding photography.

Candice and Andrew’s wedding photography showcases the best moments of their nuptials. Held at Peppers the Sands with dance the night away DJ service, these newlyweds are the envy of all of their peers. An image of Candice holding her dress epitomises how skilled JMS Photography are, as the bride appears full of content and excitement.

A similarly unique image of the groom getting ready for the ceremony serves as a gorgeous example of great wedding photography, the image is focused on a hand spraying cologne in the foreground, and in the background stands a candid groom. The gold of the cologne bottle is stark against Andrew’s suit, creating a truly remarkable photography

The ceremony itself is photographed expertly. A moment has been captured from behind the wedding party, a perspective we don’t typically see in regular wedding photography. The entire bridal party are fully visible, their bright pink dresses excellently juxtaposed against the lush green lawn. Many of the wedding guests are captured in the image, and we get to see their reactions to their loved ones tying the knot.

Wedding photography is crucial to a positive overall wedding experience, so find the time to invest in a photographer who will do the unexpected, and make you and your partner shine.

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