A Thoughtful Wedding Day Photographer

A Thoughtful Wedding Day Photographer

Wedding Day Photographermelbourne Wedding Day Photographer

Never has it been more evident how important a wedding day photographer is than when you see Christian and Marinella’s unbelievably beautiful wedding pictures. Their photographer traveled through multiple environments, thanks to Enrik Limousines. From inside Red Scooter, to the Church, to the outdoors, the JMS consistently shot incredible images; each photo that was captured is breathtaking in its own right.


An intimate close up of Christian getting ready provides a refreshing change to the usual hundreds of shots of the bride. Typically, the groom doesn’t have many striking images before the wedding, yet JMS Photography has captured a touching moment on film in which the groom looks incredibly handsome, and, above all, happy. A picture of Marinella in her wedding dress, looking over her shoulder, similarly mirrors this sense of limitless joy. JMS has allowed the stunning dress to shine, the light hits it perfectly and all can admire not only the bride, but her amazing sense of fashion. A good wedding day photographer truly is worth their weight in gold.


JMS Photography was able to capture both the formal moments and the subtle, more candid moments of joy throughout the day. A shot of the couple holding hands inside of the Church is simply transformative, anyone could immediately picture themselves in the pews, crying and applauding. Later images show the same group of people, holding hands, walking and laughing – a beautiful summation of how relaxed and excited the couple must feel after finally being married. We’ve all seen those awful group photos, where everyone appears to be smiling so intensely that their jaws might break, and people are squatting to create “levels”. Here, the wedding day photographer has managed to capture the group actually enjoying each other’s company, in pictures that don’t seem posed or static at all.


A wedding day photographer like Christian and Marinella’s is an invaluable resource at any ceremony, as they provide pictures that you can feel proud of for years to come.

Wedding Day Photographerwedding day photography

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