True Love Captured on Film – Wedding Photos

True Love Captured on Film – Wedding Photos

Wedding PhotosWedding Photos have been a tradition for centuries. Though the camera was invented in 1826, most people could not afford a photographer to record any of the wedding itself. By the 1860s, couples began to pose in their wedding clothes for photos, sometimes hiring a photographer to come to the venue. After the Second World War, the concept of capturing the wedding itself became popular. In fact, photographers would simply show up at weddings, and try to sell the photos to the happy couple later. And, by the 1970s, the modern wedding photo was born. Nowadays, we can hardly imagine a ceremony without wedding photos.


The aftermath of Jen and Vito’s nuptials sing on film thanks to JMS Photography. These wedding photos show a couple who could not appear happier if they tried, sharing a drink and smiling whilst clinking their glasses in hearty celebration. The bride beams at the camera, her new husband placing a protective and warm arm around her shoulders. A close shot of the newlyweds next to an illuminated sign reading ‘love’ epitomises how they feel about each other, and how their friends and family feel witnessing such a significant occasion. Why wouldn’t you want to spread that love through wedding photos to all those who couldn’t see it in person?


Their wedding photos are uniquely stunning, undoubtedly different from their 1860 forefathers. Delicate formalwear contrasts the rustic, urban environment of an inner city street. The photographer has effortlessly captured the light in the outfits of the bridal party, allowing their sensational suits and dresses to shine against the brick and concrete backdrop.


Wedding photos have been an important part of history. So, make them an important part of your history, as a budding 21st Century family, and let your wedding photos celebrate you for all the years to come.

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