Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer

A few months ago, we were invited along to share in thewedding photographer magic of a wonderful couple’s special day as they pledged their vows to each other in front of friends and family and to be their wedding photographers. The whole tone and feeling throughout the day was fun, vivacious and vibrant with laughter and smiles all around. A good wedding photographer identifies this tone and uses it. They use it to capture the feeling and style of the couple, and it reflects in the finished product. Beautiful and artistic photos that capture the day but most importantly the essence of the new Bride & pics

The day took us to some beautiful locations for shoots around picturesque Melbourne and came to a stunning conclusion at the always gorgeous Aria at Windmill Gardens. Here the shoot became reenergised with family and friends joining in with the happy couple to celebrate and party on into the night.

The food was exquisite and reception area decorated tastefully, with fragrant flowers draped as far as the eye could see. Being a wedding photographer sure has its advantages sometimes as it was an absolute pleasure to shoot in such a fantastic setting.

An even bigger pleasure was seeing the newlywed’s reaction to the photos as they viewed them and picked out their favourites. All in all, a fantastic day, immortalised for ever through images that truly encapsulated the energy of the special day for two very special people.

As is the case with most things wedding related, it is perfectly normal to have lots of questions or queries. We are happy to answer any and all questions you may have, and our friendly photographers are highly experienced in guiding you through the ins and outs of planning your big day. They are contactable on 0412 859 574 or 0437 075 144.

To have a quick look at some of our work please feel free to have a browse through our gallery of recent work here.

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