Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Wedding PhotographyWhen your special day comes around everything needs to be perfect. It’s the little touches that can make all the difference. The perfect earrings. The amazing shoes. The captivating perfume. Everything counts. It all comes together to form a picture that is uniquely you. A picture that encapsulates your taste, your style and your new life together.

Recently we had the pleasure of being asked to help capture this picture for a couple on their big day and we did not disappoint.  Your choice in who you decide to help you with your wedding photography is quite a personal one. You need to feel confident the chosen photographer understands what you’d like before, during and after your wedding day. They need to understand any specific looks you are going for and any particular themes y ou’d like represented.

We take the time to really get to know you and your partner, so we can help achieve your vision. We specialize in making this vision a reality and have the experience needed to be able to do so. Be it a traditional church style wedding or a more intimate themed affair, we have helped hundreds of couples realize their dream.

Melbourne turned on its unique charm to help everything came together perfectly to ensure the day went off without a hitch. The Bridal party were captured using a combination of lenses, lighting and even multiple cameras.  There is only one opportunity to get the perfect shot and that’s where our professionalism, expert wedding photography team and experience shines through.

Feel free to have a look through our galleries to be able to get a small idea of what is possible. As mentioned earlier your wedding day is unique to you. You spend so much time and effort creating that picture and we take great pleasure in helping create and capture those memories for you to re-visit and re-live that day for years to come.Wedding PhotographyWedding Photography

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